Friday, February 8, 2013

Blizzard 2013

Today I stepped into my studio and returned to my blog postings for the first time in many weeks. The loss of 2 young female friends to cancer, in 2 months has left me with a very heavy heart. But today I timidly approached my paintbrushes and allowed the elements of water and pigments to ease my troubled soul.

My initial dark thoughts gave way first to the beauty of the snow blowing just outside my windows. Then to the trees that bravely fended off a monstrous blizzard of ice arrows. As I stood vigil I was reminded of how like the trees I've weathered a few seasons of life's storms and held on.

I like how this painting captures the natural imperfections of a tree,while it defends itself against a winter's snow storm. In contrast to the menacing white strokes biting into the tree, is the lighter color wash of pastels of the sky depicting a gentleness. Here lies my hope in striking a balance in nature and in life.

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